Your privacy is as important to us as our ability to provide you with quality Products. Kansas College Of Nursing is committed to keeping your information private and recognizes the importance all users place on the confidentiality of their information. While new technologies allow us to more efficiently serve our clients, we are committed to maintaining the rigorous security standards that are synonymous with our established and trusted name. Information provided by you is used strictly for lawful business purposes and is never shared with third parties without your consent, except as required by law. Any information which may personally identify you may be used by Kansas College Of Nursing and its companies only to inform you about products and services, to improve the products and services we offer, and otherwise to better meet the needs and preferences of our customers. Information specific to you is not shared with third parties; the information you provide to us is only used within Kansas College Of Nursing. We also collect non-specific information about the type of browser with which you access our web site in order to ensure that our future online products meet your technological capabilities. We may provide statistics, in aggregated and summary form only, about our users preferences or interests, traffic patterns, and related site information to our affiliated companies and third-party partners. These statistics will not include personally identifiable information. This information will only be used to improve the development of our web sites and tailor new products and service offerings to our users interests. When collecting, storing, and retrieving data such Product orders, submitted to Kansas College Of Nursing for customer services, extensive internal controls are maintained by us to ensure security and confidentiality. Kansas College Of Nursing internet-based systems are protected behind firewalls and all mission critical servers are deployed in a cluster environment with high fault tolerance to provide an even greater level of security and protection against system failure. To ensure the integrity of information is never jeopardized, and to provide adequate redundancy, all data is maintained and backed-up on a regular schedule. In addition, Kansas College Of Nursing employees are subject to a strict employment policy regarding confidentiality and privacy. Internal access to firm and client data hosted by our web products is restricted to highly trained personnel on an as-needed basis. When storing and retrieving firm and customers data, our site uses SSL or Secure Socket Layer technology to ensure all information remains safe and private. SSL is discussed in detail below under Data Encryption. What Information is Gathered for Credit Card Transactions Cardholders Name Credit Card Type Credit Card Number Expiration Date Cardholders Billing Address E-mail Address Who Uses This Information As stated above, the customer information we collect is used strictly for lawful purposes and is never shared with any third party without your consent, except as required by law. The credit card information we collect is used strictly for processing and billing purposes and will not be shared with any other party. You enter this information during the routine course of a purchase. In the event we need to research and resolve any status or billing issues associated with an order, the information will only be accessed by authorized personnel. Data Encryption SSL or Secure Socket Layer is an established and mature internet security standard with two dominant features: data encryption and identification of the secured web server. Data sent from you or your firm to secure servers is encrypted to ensure safety and privacy during transmission. Data encryption is the process of transforming information into a complex arrangement of illegible data. The only way to make this data legible and useful again is to decrypt it or reverse the process of encryption. In addition, to identify and encrypt data when it is sent and decrypt it when it is received, SSL uses a private/public key combination. Encryption strength is measured by the length of the key used to encrypt the data; the longer the key, the more effective the encryption. Using the SSL protocol, data transmission is performed at a standard level of encryption strength. Web Server Authentication An SSL certificate is issued to ensure authentic and accurate identification of a secured web server. This translates into a digital ID, an electronic fingerprint which is included in the key used to encrypt the data. Our privacy policy is under frequent review and Kansas College Of Nursing reserves the right to periodically change it. Any changes will be posted on our web site where you can view the policy at any time.


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