(90 clock hours)

This course follows the guidelines of the Kansas State Department of Health and Environment, which following up with taking the Kansas State Certified Nurse Aide examination, which we make sure you are prepared for by that date. CNA’s are always under supervision of a licensed nurse. The course if 90 clock hours which involves lectures, discussions, skills practice in our learning lab, and clinical experience in a nursing home.

What is a CNA (Certified Nurses Aide)?

CNAs provide or assist with personal care, such as taking temperature or blood pressure, feeding and bathing patients, and filling the role of a general caregiver. Nursing assistants often work in a wide variety of settings such as nursing homes, hospitals, adult day care centers, personal homes and assisted living facilities. 

Cost of Class: $790.00

Things you'll still need to get (All items can be purchased in our bookstore):

Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care, The Basics - 5th Edition

Curriculum Book

Gait Belt

& Navy Blue Scrubs


CNA Classes We Offer:





About the Hybrid Class:

The Hybrid class is a part online/part in class. Most of the classwork and testing will be done on your computer while your labs and clinicals will be done in class. 

** Depending on class size, some students may be scheduled to do their clinicals during different times **

Requirements for CNA Enrollment

  • You must be 16 years of age to enroll in this class
  • At least a $400.00 down payment is required upon enrollment

Physical Requirements

  • In the laboratory and clinical experience, you will be expected to have physical strength that includes the ability to push and pull 50 lbs., support 50 lbs., lift 50 lbs., move light objects weighing up to 10 lbs., move heavy objects weighing from 11 to 50 lbs., and carry up to 25 lbs., to frequently stop/kneel/crouch and stand or walk as needed.
  • If there are any medical conditions or disabilities you feel might affect your ability to participate in class and clinicals, or requires any special accommodation, please let us know upon enrollment.

Requirements for First Day

  • Copy of Driver’s License or valid photo identification
  • Copy Social Security Card
  • Copy of Negative TB Skin Test (within last 6 months) or chest X-ray (within last 5 years). If you are getting your TB test done here at the school, you will do it during class
  • Students will need to wear navy blue scrubs for class and clinicals
  • Books and gait belt will also be needed on first day
  • Background checks will be done during the  first class.

State Exam for Certified Nurse Aide

  • Kansas College of Nursing will notify you of your state testing date and time. You must successfully pass our Certified Nurse Aide class before you are eligible to test. The state exam is regulated and written by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.
  • The Kansas State Exam is now a computerized exam, as of August 2013. Any and all students will need to be familiar with computers in order to take these courses at Kansas College of Nursing. Kansas College of Nursing Does Not have the capability to teach students how to use computers.
  • The cost of the exam is $40.00, which is collected with your tuition payment. All fees are non-refundable once the course is completed. If you miss the exam, you will be responsible to pay a fee of $20.00 to reschedule with the State of Kansas.
  • YOU MUST BE ON TIME. The time and location of the exam will be provided for you on a testing form after you complete the class.
  • You must present a form of identification to the proctor at the test site.
  • Each candidate has a total of three attempts with 12 months from the beginning date of the course to successfully complete the state test.

The following is a Notice from the Health Occupations Credentialing Office

Health Occupations Credentialing will no longer issue certification cards for nurse aides, home health aides or medication aides. Any required certification information is available on the Kansas Nurse Aide Registry at www.ksnurseaidregisrty.org. There is no federal or state requirement that an individual possess a physical certification card only that they are listed on the state nurse aide registry with a certification which is active and with no prohibitions.

Cancellation & Tuition Refund policy.

The student must submit an email to Contact Us for refund, notifying Kansas College Of Nursing of the intent to withdraw from the class.

Further refund info, please read below:

Refunds are calculated from the last date of recorded attendance and are based upon the following policy statement.

  1. A full refund, minus $50.00 registration fee, if the applicant withdraws or cancels enrollment within three business days prior to class start date.
  2.  If the student cancels one or two business days prior to class start date, they will receive 90% refund, minus $50.00 registration fee and $100 administrative fee.
  3. Once a student starts classes and withdraws or is terminated for any reason, the following refund schedule will apply:
    a. Within the first week of the program, a refund of 85% of the current amount paid, minus the $50.00 registration fee and a $100.00 administrative fee.
    b. Within the second week of the program a refund of 75% of the current amount paid, minus the $50.00 registration fee and a $100.00 administrative
    c. Within the third week of the program, a refund of 50% of the current amount paid, minus the $50.00 registration fee and a $100.00 administrative fee.
    d. AFTER the third week of the program, a student WILL NOT be entitled to a refund and shall be obligated for the full price of the program.
    e. All refund calculations are based on tuition charges only.
    f. If the student is a No-Show WITHOUT email notice of absence, student will NOT receive refund.

All refunds are paid within 60 days from the effective date. The effective date is the date on which the college receives notice of the student’s intention to withdraw from College or the date on which the student violates college policy providing for termination or the date the student fails to return from an approved leave of absence, whichever is earlier. All refunds are issued via check only and said student must pick up from campus location with picture ID.

*The above calculations are performed based on contact hours for the Kansas College of Nursing and based on weeks of attendance for all other programs.

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